Fresenius Kabi Emmen granted AEO certificate

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Issue of AEO(C) authorisation

After nearly a year of preparations, we succeeded in getting AEO authorisation. AEO stands for Authorised Economic Operator, an automated market participant and originates from the terrorist attack in New York of September 11th, 2001.

There are three types of AEO authorisations: AEO-C, AEO-F and AEO-S. AEO-C is related to customs simplifications, AEO-F to safety & security and, in addition, you can be issued with a combined authorisation (AEO-S). We have initially decided to get AEO-C authorisation with the intention of obtaining AEO-S authorisation next year.

A company that has been granted AEO authorisation, is regarded as reliable everywhere in the EU for customs transactions. An AEO company will then be granted advantages in the EU as a whole.

The most important advantages of being granted this (C) authorisation are:

  • Fewer physical and document controls (customs knows us).
  • Priority in relation to checks when Fresenius Kabi, the site Eco is selected for checking.
  • Upon request, a check can take place at a specific site.
  • No checking with regard to the previously checked criteria when applying for authorisation later.
  • AEO authorisation does not just apply in the EU as a whole, but is recognised by many other countries in the world.

It basically means that import and export can run in a much simpler manner. It also means that we can keep a few existing customs simplification authorisations that must comply with the new customs legislation (Union Customs Code, UCC). We can also make use of what is commonly referred to as ‘distribution systems’ in the near future. This means that we do not have to pay import duties in specific cases with regard to raw materials purchased outside the EU.

Within Fresenius, there are only a few other sites that have AEO status globally.