Our vision, mission and core values

Our vision

Everybody is entitled to a healthy and high-quality life especially now that we are living longer. But we should not take a good and healthy life for granted. We can all be surprised by a life-threatening disease.

On a global scale, a large number of people suffer from different chronic diseases that restrict their quality of life and reduces their life expectancy. The entire medical world is making every effort possible to offer these patients better prospects. Through:

  • Professional, patient-specific care, treatment and medication;
  • High-quality and safe medical devices.

Innovation in techniques, systems and nutrition that allow healthcare professionals to cater optimally regarding patient issues.


The innovative medical industry has a special role and responsibility within the care sector as a whole. Fresenius Kabi has assumed its responsibility based on its unique expertise in blood treatment and infusion technology, but also by producing high-quality Clinical Nutrition.

Our mission

Our mission is to put our knowledge, high-quality production technologies and operational processes at the disposal of healthcare professionals.

We achieve this through the high-tech development and production of high-quality and affordable disposables and the production of clinical nutrition. Our disposables are essential for the optimal operation of innovative systems for the separation of blood components. Clinical Nutrition is essential to patients who cannot eat themselves and who are tube fed.

These high-tech systems and the production of clinical nutrition are deployed everywhere in the world by these healthcare professionals for the highest achievable and often life-saving care given to seriously and/or chronically ill patients.

We always bear the patient in mind and we share the objectives of the care provider: optimally safe care provision meant to save lives and/or increase quality of life.

Core values

We have core values at Fresenius Kabi in order to work on this mission together:

  • We believe quality is of paramount importance;
  • We are honest, cooperative, solution-focused and committed;
  • We deploy qualified employees at all levels;
  • We share knowledge;
  • We focus on production process efficiency and the implementation of relevant technologies.