Construction work progress

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During the last period, our project team has worked hard on the progress of the clinical nutrition project. The project is currently in the last phase of the design.


The initial construction activities are now clearly visible on the outside. A temporary road has been built and the construction site traffic no longer uses the road at the front of the building but the temporary road at Kijlweg 5. Ultimately, there will be a permanent entrance for heavy goods traffic at Kijlweg 5.




A start has been made in the building (with the arching roof) at the front with the demolition of the building and this is making way for a partially newly to be built building.



During the coming months, the changes will not always be visible from the outside, but quite some things will be changing inside, so that we can produce clinical nutrition using our new production line at the beginning of 2021.
kunnen produceren aan onze nieuwe productielijn.