Research and development


Focusing on the challenges of the future

Innovate to produce smartly and error free. These are the areas that Fresenius Kabi is highlighting as a smart factory. From the conviction that investing in innovation is essential to ensure we and the world move forwards. And from the realisation that products that contribute towards the optimum care of patients at critical moments, must always be available and must be 100% reliable and safe.

Sometimes what seems to be a futile product adjustment makes the difference. You immediately think: ‘Why did we not think of this before!’ The same applies to improvements in production processes and the development and implementation of new process technologies. True innovation does not happen due to a single eureka moment, but by sinking one’s teeth into the subject, daring to think outside the box, analysing and sharing knowledge, experimenting and testing.

Life Science professionals

This is what our engineers deal with on a daily basis at our own Research & Development (R&D) department. As life science professionals, they focus on the development of new products and product versions and permanent product improvement. New medical insights, changing use requirements in the care environment, new materials that become available and the fast developments in process technology form the frames of reference.

From expertise to innovation

Our R&D team plays a key role in the innovation of medical disposables that we produce in Emmen and, in addition, is co-responsible for the further innovation of traditional blood transfusion systems that are used globally by blood banks. These systems are produced by various Fresenius Kabi sister companies. The company’s own R&D department in Emmen has unique expertise in, for example, blood treatment, (biochemical) material characteristics, sterilisation methods and international legislation and regulations in relation to medical equipment and components. Based on the special expertise and in close collaboration with our German colleagues, we take innovative steps today for the challenges of the future.