Smart Factory joint venture agreement

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Fresenius is affiliated to the RoSF (Region of Smart Factories), an exchange network for companies from the region that tackles the worldwide development towards Smart Industry to strengthen the Northern Netherlands manufacturing industry in full.

‘Alone you will go faster, but together you will get further.’ We have been working together with different suppliers for a longer period of time but often on a one-on-one basis. We want to take the next step with our ambition and develop the best and latest technologies and ideas to that we can then apply them at our site.

Friday, 21 July 2017 we signed a joint venture agreement with the different suppliers (Demcon, ESPS, Symbol and Z-Tech) and the RoSF. Together we will tackle the challenge and synergy. This intention is starting a needed joint venture to realise a flexible production facility where we can quickly respond to changing market demands in a competitive manner.

We are aiming at having a permanent footprint in the region with the latest technologies. The first key milestone in a great project! We are leaving the sidelines and taking a step forward together in the realisation of the ECO Smart Factory Site.