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Fresenius Kabi’s vision when training employees is that employees contribute towards the realisation of the organisation’s goals to an important extent. They need the right attitude, knowledge and skills to make this contribution as well as a focus on specific goals and expectations of the organisation and responsibilities within the organisation.

Employees are challenged through a transparent positioning of the strategic future prospects to have their personal ambitions, talent and potential fit in with the organisation’s initiatives and development. Transparent goals, resources and responsibilities of training and development activities are a key condition.
In 2018, various groups of employees successfully completed training at Fresenius Kabi including in the area of Company Emergency Response (CER), first aid, Lean & Six Sigma and VAPRO.

CER basic course
The CER group within this site needed to expand its number of volunteers, in particular, with regard to office staff. After putting some energy into recruitment, we managed to recruit 10 new prospect CER team members of which 4 have an office job. The new group of employees started with a CER basic course at our site in Emmer-Compascuum. The first course day consisted of a theory lesson in the morning and a practical lesson in the afternoon. The second CER course day had been planned for a month later. The group was trained in performing life-saving actions on this day. All employees passed their CER basic course.

5th wave in Eco
Lean focuses in realising the most for the client with as little wastage as possible. The last few months, a group of five participants started the course to get their green belt. They have been discussing Lean & Six Sigma topics. They have learnt to set up processes smartly, simply and efficiently, substantiated with the required facts and analyses (statistics). They recently sat an exam at the University of Twente in Enschede (the Netherlands). Everybody passed after obtaining a good score.


Our sixth participant obtained her Lean Black Belt certificate. She supervises and supports improvement projects and has the challenging job of improving the organisation step-by-step to achieve a higher level of excellence.

Two of the operators also passed in June. One employee passed VAPRO A and the other VAPRO B. They have now also officially covered the General Dutch Citizenship topic. This is a compulsory part of their senior secondary vocational education course. This ensures that they also learn something different and not just about technology.

Oranje Kruis first aid course
The new group of CER team members recently participated in the first aid course. The group learned a lot about the theory side and practiced much on each other and the doll during the four course days. For the exam, two examiners from the Oranje Kruis and two acting and reacting casualties (fake victims) came to site. Finally, the day of the exam was upon them. They practiced with the group in the morning and sat the exam in the afternoon. Everybody passed.