Walk-in meeting with local residents

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The Fresenius Group from Germany will be making a large investment in its site in Emmer-Compascuum.

During the last few years, activities and employment at Fresenius Kabi has dropped. Fresenius Kabi Emmen is therefore glad that good new site prospects are being created again with the introduction of a new product (clinical nutrition). They are also expecting this to be of great significance for Emmer-Compascuum. It is good for the employment of Emmer-Compascuum residents.

What will Fresenius Kabi Emmen do?
Fresenius Kabi Emmen will be producing clinical nutrition for the treatment of patients in hospitals in the empty production buildings. They used to produce pharmaceutical solutions in these buildings. These production buildings are getting an upgrade and are being completely refurbished for the new product.

Walk-in meeting
Together with Denc and Emmtec, Fresenius Kabi Emmen has informed local residents about the developments at the site during a walk-in meeting held on Thursday April 11th, 2019. Local residents received information about the following during the walk-in meeting:

  • The new product that will be produced.
  • The update of the face of Building 1 that can be seen from Runde ZZ. This building dates from 1954 and is being rebuilt to comply with current requirements. Local residents will be given an impression of what the fa├žade will look like.
  • The remodelling will mainly take place inside. Fresenius Kabi Emmen cannot exclude that local residents will not experience some inconvenience because of, for example, construction site traffic.

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